Skin Health Scotland

Specialist expertise

Skin Health Scotland is owned and operated by Girish Gupta, a leading Consultant Dermatologist in Edinburgh and Glasgow. We have specialist expertise in the diagnosis and management of skin conditions, which may be potentially serious, cause discomfort or be embarrassing.

Treatment may simply be with appropriate medication, minimally invasive treatments, laser therapy or minor surgery.


For many people moles are more of a cosmetic issue as they can be unsightly and can be removed simply and safely. However, our team will also analyse all moles removed to give you peace of mind.

Skin Cancers

With our changing lifestyles skin cancer is an increasing risk, especially for those with active outdoor pursuits or those with fair complexions who burn easily in the sun.

Lumps and Bumps

Lumps and bumps covers a whole range of lesions such as warts, skin tags, cysts and other blemishes which are visible on the surface of the skin. These can be surgically removed and analysed or treated by other means as appropriate, usually at one-stop clinics

Other skin conditions

Inflammatory skin disorders cover a broad category that includes many conditions ranging in severity, from mild itching to those with significant medical health consequences.

To book an appointment please contact us

Glasgow Nuffield Health Hospital
Tel: 0141 334 9441 — option 1
Email: FAO Dr G Gupta at

Ross Hall Clinic Braehead
Tel: 0141 810 3151 — option 1
Email: FAO Dr G Gupta at

Nuffield Health Edinburgh Hospital
Tel: 0131 447 2340
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We offer multiple access points to patients across the central belt of Scotland. On the Locations page you will see the facilities offered and the times that clinics are run at these sites.