Dr Girish Gupta
Consultant Dermatologist

Girish graduated from the University of Manchester in 1990. His initial dermatology career was based around the West of Scotland and after a dedicated training programme in all aspects of dermatology, he was appointed Consultant Dermatologist in 1999 and an Honorary Clinical Associate Professor for the University of Glasgow. In 2024, he moved exclusively into the private sector from his post of senior Consultant Dermatologist in Edinburgh and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer for Edinburgh University.

Girish has broad clinical experience in all areas of Dermatology from skin lesion and cancer recognition through to diagnosis of skin rashes. Since 2005, he has focused on management of skin cancer. He has held regional, national and international positions with memberships of the West of Scotland skin cancer network, which he chaired for five years, East of Scotland skin cancer network, National Cancer Research Institute and European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer. He is currently the International Editorial Board Member of the Italian Journal of Dermatology.

He has published more than 100 scientific papers in high-impact international journals and has written chapters for eight major textbooks, including a chapter on skin cancer in the international “Textbook of Dermatology”. He has been an invited speaker at national and international conferences and is on several European advisory boards.

Girish has specialist interests in the management of skin cancer, mole screening, topical therapy of pre-cancerous skin conditions, tele-dermatology and role of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in dermatology.

Girish is bilingual and also speaks Hindi which may be of benefit to some patients.